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The pink pride of India- jaipur is the town situated in the Rajasthan state shining with a golden wrap amidst the sand dunes of Thar Desert that has nothing else to experience consistently other than the bright, bubbly, sunny days. The town is extremely popular for it sweet dishes, especially the ‘ghewar’ and to its contradictory, it is also popular for its red chilies that will set your appetite and taste buds on fire. Bandhani and the rajwadi foot wears are the most sold items of the town amongst the tourists as well as the locals. The ancient fortification given to the town still exists as the main gateways that are the entrance to the town. Towards the east is the ‘suraj pol’ where as to the west is the ‘chand pol’. Gangaur festival and teej festival, celebrated by the unmarried and married women respectively are the prominent festivals dedicated to lord Shiva along with the kite and elephant festival celebrated here.

Jaipur hotels are almost like the masterpieces of architecture similar to the forts and palaces of jaipur. Infact, there are some parts and areas in the palace that has been converted to hotels very famous as the heritage hotels in jaipur. The in-house restaurants at the hotels in jaipur offer delicious food including all the cuisines like Chinese, north Indian, south Indian, Punjabi, Guajarati, continental and specially the regional and rajasthani food cooked by expert chefs with total hygiene and care. The dining area is well lit up and decorated where it is a magical experience to have food served by the staff with utmost care and affection. Jaipur hotels have grown drastically in past decade and have satisfied visitors thoroughly with excellent services and fine facilities.

The hotels at jaipur are basically categorized as cheap, budget, luxury and resorts. The warm welcome in typical, traditional rituals of bestowing with a garland and royal tilak to the visitors, along with two bottles of mineral waters and a fruit basket occasionally is enjoyed and appreciated by the tourists. Jaipur hotels also offer round the clock front desk services along with a separate travel desk provided for the visitor where all their travel related queries can be sorted out within couple of minutes. The hotels in jaipur also provide the facilities like car on rental, assistance for fare bookings be it through air, road or rail. Jaipur hotels are mostly inspired by the jaipur’s historic past and thus several elements of Rajputana and Mughal architecture can be noticed in the existing properties of hotels across the jaipur.

The places to visit in jaipur are, the town palace standing in the white and maroon shades with a golden touch over the domes that reflects the perfect blending of the Rajput, mughal And European architecture. The hawa mahal inspired from the beehives and lord Krishna’s crown, specially built for the connection purpose of queens with daily external affairs by remaining under pardah of this huge screen, jantar mantar astronomical observatory, jaigarh fort, nagrah fort, gaitore.

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